Menaka Pradhan

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Just a short note to say thank you ever so much for the wonderful pictures, can't stop looking at them, really. I tell you, it wasn't easy to deal with either Nimeka or less than co-operative 11 days old Nimen, but still you did your wonders. Most importantly, the atmosphere you create during the shoot is highly appreciable as neither me nor Niraj is mostly camera friendly, let alone those munchkins. And, I cannot thankyou enough for your patience and the quality to make people relax while taking pictures, from Mr Gosain to mini Gosains. 
Thankyou once again and wish you continued success and hope we still get further appointments even after u've become the busiest and the best photographer alive...

Aarati Onta

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Nirvana Imagery, Kirtan took our wedding photos and we couldn’t be happier with his work. He was professional and very accommodating with our requests. Even though he was located in Newcastle he was willing to travel to Brisbane for our special day, distance was not an issue for him. With unavoidable time constraints Kirtan was very flexible to work around us, he made us feel very comfortable and relaxed when he took our photos. As every couples wedding day (ours went for a few days) we experienced a bundle of emotions and he captured every moment at its essence so beautifully and completely. For the amazing photos, your patience and enthusiasm we want to say a big thank you! Kirtan is a genuine, creative and extremely talented individual that’s passionate about photography which shows through his work. We will be sure to recommend Nirvana Imagery to anyone looking for a great photographer. Aarati & Roshan

Rahul Neupane

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Words are not enough to describe your beautiful work Kirtan Dai which can be seen clearly In Aarnie’s Annaprashan photo session.Your dedication,imagination and creation reflects it all.A big thank you for making our prince Aarnie’s big day so special with your astonishing talent and making this moment everlasting in our life...Thank you from Me,Neha and Aarnie!

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